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During the time we volunteered on Lesvos, up to 7000 refugees were arriving per night during the summer and around 2000 refugees were arriving during winter times. The goal of the camp "Better Days for Moria" is to provide all the refugees who
newly arrive on the island with dry clothes, something to eat
and a place to sleep in order for them to rest for a while until
they were able to take the ferry to Athens a couple of days later.

The camp had 24/7 access to doctors, a food
distribution tent, dry clot, a children's playground and tents to rest.



Our team was mostly working during the night in the food distribution tent SKYPTCHEN. Next to cooking and handing out food we helped the newly arriving people to find a place to sleep and answer any questions they might had. 



December 8 until December 18, 2015
January 4 until January 13, 2016